the purpose of this tumblr is to share ideas inspirations, and titillations with my darling. Others folks are welcome to peruse, and if you like it, good. If not, oh well.To the far right, you will see solo folks who are aesthetically pleasing to me. The main thrust is to inspire and clue in the most amazing lover I have ever had.
She knows just who she is...

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Anonymous asked ...
You're the only sexual blog I follow and I share some of the stuff you post in private all of the time. I just don't want my uber conservative friends to know I follow and enjoy a porn blog. :[ I'll miss you for sure if you go, but good luck with everything!
... and I answered

I am on hiatus. I’d think, at this point, you should look for a return in January, or so. 

And Thank you!

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When the queue runs out, icurves will be on indefinite hiatus. As there is no interaction, no feedback, I have no idea if icurves is actually having the effect I desired it to. This, combined with increased workload and limited time (oh, to have a magic blue box….) means it is needful to go dark. 

See you on the other side, and may all your orgasms be bright. 

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